36th Shenzhen-Hong Kong Environmental Co-operation Forum held today (with photos)

The Director of Environmental Protection of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Dr Samuel Chui, and the Director of the Ecology Environment Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality, Mr Li Shuisheng, co-chaired the 36th Shenzhen-Hong Kong Environmental Co-operation Forum (HSECF) today (December 20), in addition to reviewing the progress of collaboration between the two sides in 2023 and agreeing on the work plan for 2024. They focused the discussion on the work on improving the environmental quality of water in the Shenzhen River/Bay, "Zero-waste City" and resources circulation.

In terms of improving the water environmental quality of the Shenzhen River and Deep Bay (Shenzhen Bay), Shenzhen and Hong Kong stepped up collaboration efforts, maintained close communication and contact, and conducted multiple exchange visits through the Shenzhen-Hong Kong co-operation task force mechanisms this year. With physical and online meetings for in-depth technical exchanges, using a three-dimensional water quality mathematical model to explore solutions to improve the environmental quality of water in the river/bay, and the strategies of enhancing sewage collection and treatment levels in the area, the cities are further reducing the content of nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorus discharged into the Shenzhen River/Bay, striving to create a "beautiful river/bay" together.

Grasping the opportunities brought by building a "Zero Waste Bay Area", Hong Kong will continue to work with Shenzhen and other Greater Bay Area (GBA) cities to deepen exchanges and co-operation on "Zero-waste City" and resources circulation, and to explore developing Hong Kong-Shenzhen and the whole GBA's capacity and pattern of regional circular economy, in order to elevate regional capability in handling emissions and carbon reduction of solid waste as well as safety storage. Waste reduction and circular economy are part of the GBA's significant development. Hong Kong can proactively participate in the GBA's development on circular economy, and further strengthen mutually beneficial co-operation in the GBA's environmental industry for developing a circular economy and progressing green transformation in the area.

Representatives from the Environmental Protection Department and the Drainage Services Department then visited the Shenzhen Belt and Road Environmental Technology Exchange and Transfer Center to discuss the development and opportunities of environmental protection between the two governments under the national Belt and Road policy.

The HKSAR Government and the Shenzhen Municipal Government have been in close contact, exchanging information and sharing knowledge on different environmental protection aspects such as regional air quality, waste management, and improvement of water quality of water bodies, in order to co-ordinate with national planning and development. The HSECF has been held twice a year since 2006 to deepen environmental co-operation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023
Issued at HKT 20:02