BYOC Eateries Scheme launched today (with photos)

To encourage eateries and the general public to reduce waste at source and build a culture of "plastic-and-disposable-free" in society, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) in collaboration with the Environmental Campaign Committee officially launched the Bring Your Own Containers (BYOC) Eateries Scheme today (September 15).

Eateries participating in the scheme are required to accept customers to use their own containers (i.e. food containers or beverage cups) when ordering takeaways, or provide customers with reusable container lending services. The participating eateries will be given the BYOC Eateries stickers for easy identification by customers. The sticker also serves to affirm the contribution of participating eateries to environmental protection. Information on the name, logo and address of participating eateries will be set out on the dedicated website of the BYOC Eateries Scheme to facilitate the search by members of the public.

A spokesperson for the EPD said, "Sponsored by the Environment and Conservation Fund, the BYOC Eateries Scheme is a continuing scheme that accepts applications throughout the year. Currently, over 250 eateries have joined the scheme, with some offering instant discounts to customers who bring their own containers. We appeal to the food and beverage industry to actively support the scheme. Through reducing the use of disposable tableware at source, it not only helps save cost but also contributes to environmental protection and carbon reduction."

"We also hope that the scheme can encourage the general public to cultivate the good habit of bringing their own containers or using reusable container lending services when ordering takeaways, to practise a low-carbon lifestyle of 'plastic-and-disposable-free' takeaway and strive towards the goal of achieving carbon neutrality before 2050 for Hong Kong together," the spokesperson added.

For more details about the scheme, the list of participating eateries and organisations, and the information on application forms, please visit the dedicated website of the BYOC Eateries Scheme (

Ends/Friday, September 15, 2023
Issued at HKT 15:30