Energy saving meeting held

Secretary for the Environment KS Wong, together with more than 60 built environment and energy sector stakeholders, as well as government departments took part in the "Post-COP21 Green Building Imaging" engagement session at Government House today.

Opening the session, Mr Wong said the Energy Saving Plan for the Built Environment 2015~2025+ published by the Environment Bureau last year has set the target of reducing Hong Kong's energy intensity by 40% by 2025, adding that it is a major initiative to tackle climate change.

More than half of Hong Kong’s energy use is in electricity consumption, with buildings accounting for about 90% and promoting green buildings and enhancing building energy saving is a Government priority.

The Government has also pledged in the plan to create a platform to discuss energy saving in the private sector with built environment stakeholders and power companies.

"Today's meeting was a useful forum for us to have exchanges with the stakeholders on how we can work together in the face of the climate change challenge,” Mr Wong said.