KS Wong attends climate summit

Secretary for the Environment KS Wong today attended the second China-US Climate-Smart/Low-Carbon Cities Summit in Beijing to explore measures to address climate change and build low-carbon cities.

He attended a breakout session in the morning to learn about the experience of other participating cities in building low-carbon cities.

Mr Wong later spoke at another session to introduce the latest developments of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in addressing climate change.

He noted that the Hong Kong Climate Change Report outlines the work of the Government in responding to climate change, and provides an account of Hong Kong's climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience actions.

A steering committee chaired by the Chief Secretary has been formed to co-ordinate the work of different departments to map out long-term climate strategies and actions.

Mr Wong also said the Government has set the target of reducing Hong Kong's carbon intensity by 50% to 60% by 2020.

With the adoption of the Paris Agreement in December, he said the Government is reviewing its long-term carbon reduction target and strategy, aiming to announce the carbon reduction target for 2030 later this year.