Practical Guide on Carbon Audit and Management

Climate change posed an unprecedented global challenge for everyone.  Hong Kong is committed to contributing to the solution by taking community-wide actions to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions.

Carbon audit is an effective process to understand and measure our carbon footprint and a first step to identify appropriate carbon reduction measures.

To facilitate public and private sectors to kick start their carbon management, EPD has compiled a set of nine sector-specific carbon management guidebooks for offices, schools, sports centres, swimming pools, public markets, healthcare facilities, fire stations, postal facilities and community halls respectively to serve as step-by-step reference to build up the capability of carbon auditing, and promote carbon management best practices.

These guidebooks introduce the know-how of carbon audit and set out the major steps of conducting a basic carbon audit.  A wide range of measures are also illustrated to facilitate public and private sectors to reduce carbon emissions.

You may view the guidebooks by clicking below links:
Guide to Low Carbon Office
Guide to Low Carbon Schools
Guide to Low Carbon Sports Centre
Guide to Low Carbon Swimming Pools
Guide to Low Carbon Public Markets
Guide to Low Carbon Healthcare Facilities
Guide to Low Carbon Postal Facilities
Guide to Low Carbon Community Halls
Guide to Low Carbon Fire Stations