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Dick's Sporting Goods International Limited
  • Use light-colored wall paints to enhance the effect of natural light
  • Use energy efficient electrical appliances
  • 5-day work week
  • Base on 3R principle “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”
  • Printers are preset to 2-sided printing so to reduce the use of paper
  • Use emails or other online tools for communication to reduce paper use
  • Turn off the air-cons and lights when leaving the conference rooms
  • Reuse office stationery such as paper clips, envelopes, files, and plastic bags.
  • Product samples will be sold in the sample sale and donated to NGOs, so to help the low-income families and reduce waste
  • Place recycle bins in pantry to recycle plastic bottles
  • Promote and teach the staff members to reduce their carbon footprint and raise their environmental awareness
  • Assess our Carbon Footprint every year